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UMW Dahlgren Campus Request for Room(s)

We would be delighted to schedule your event, workshop, or meeting at the Dahlgren Campus! Please complete and submit your room reservation, and we will be in touch within 3 business days. Should you require immediate assistance, please contact us at (540) 663-4030.
  • NSWCDD employees

    All NSWCDD employees scheduling meetings at UMW-Dahlgren with Foreign Nationals in attendance must complete the NSWCDD Foreign National Visitor Process. Please contact Barnita Byrd (, (540) 653-8721) or Ellen Thompson (, (540) 653-8239) for assistance or questions.
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  • Desired Room(s)

  • Technology Requirements

    All rooms are equipped with instructor computers, projection screens/monitors, whiteboards and wired and wireless Internet access.
  • Software Installation

    All software installation request must be pre-approved through our IT department. Installation of software will only be provided if a license for each computer is received. Software with certificates must be received 2 weeks prior to the event. This will ensure the proper amount of time for installation. Please list the software name below with a point of contact name and phone number.
  • Video Teleconferencing

    Video teleconferencing (VTC) allows two or more locations to communicate by simultaneous two-way video and audio transmissions. If VTC is required for your event, please provide the information below.
  • Catering

    The Renter may spend up to $1,000.00 with the provider of its choice for prepared foods and/or catering services for event participants. The Renter shall be fully liable for any food purchases and/or catering and will be responsible for meeting any pertinent health requirements. If the Renter desires to purchase food in excess of $1,000.00, the Renter must do so through the University’s Dining Services Contractor. Any other purchases of prepared foods and/or catering services in excess of $1,000.00 will be permitted only in the event that the University Dining Contractor indicates, in writing, that it is unable to meet the Renter’s food service and/or catering requirements. In such cases, a licensed and insured catering service may be selected by the Renter. Any catering service hired by the Renter must provide the University with copies of all pertinent licenses and certificate of insurance.
  • Additional Assistance

    If you have questions, need assistance, or require special accommodations, please specify here.