Guest Comments


  • “As always everything was terrific. The staff at UMW are so helpful and pleasant to work with! Our meetings are always a success at UMW.”


  • “I held an offsite with my team and we used one of the classrooms as a working session. The space was great and it was a good opportunity to get away from the distractions of the office. We did reconfigure the room a bit to accommodate our working groups and that was very easy. The space was clean and equipment was in excellent condition.”
  • “I would like to commend the staff at UMW Dahlgren because it was obvious that they take pride in the institution and Dahlgren campus as soon as I pulled in the parking space and also when I went inside. The classroom we (NSWC Dahlgren Code E31) used to conduct our training was clean and ready and the classroom media was easy to use and worked like a charm. I look forward to coming to UMW Dahlgren because I always know I’ll have what I need to get my job done, and I’m able to do it in a wonderful facility with wonderful people.”


  • The entire experience of reserving a room was very professional, and efficient. It was a great process. I will repeat.”
  • “The team at UMW is very helpful; we enjoy coming here for meetings. The location is great, clean and so easy to use!”
  • “As usual, the staff was very courteous and willing to assist where needed! Campus was also very clean and the accommodations served us perfectly. A big thanks!!!”


  • “Knowledgeable staff ready to help, excellent modern faci“UMW’s facilities are state of the art. They are clean, well organized and equipment is always in good working order. The staff always goes a step beyond to make sure my event needs are met.”
  • “UMW’s facilities are state of the art. They are clean, well organized and equipment is always in good working order. The staff always goes a step beyond to make sure my event needs are met.”
  • “The IT people were both extremely helpful with set up, moving our materials into University Hall, and were both responsive over the course of our event.”


  • “This is a great facility and the staff always work hard to make sure we have everything we need for a successful meeting or event.”
  • “The facility was beautiful and easy access.”
  • “The Client Relations Assistant was extremely helpful in making sure our room was set up and ready for our event.”
  • “As the coordinator of the workshop that UMW hosted, it was great to have everything set up and ready for us including loading the software on the provided laptops. It was a great experience and I will look to UMW for future events like this.”


  • “The staff and specifically the Client Relations Manager were very professional, thorough and prompt in all of our interactions. University Hall was beautiful and equipped with all of the sound, stage and kitchen facilities that we required. Many attendees said it was the best Eagle Court of Honor they had attended and we felt it was in large part due to the formal setting that University Hall offers. The rolling carts for loading and unloading were hugely helpful. Use of the kitchen/refrigerator and coffee urns was also very helpful.
    Also, the lady who stayed during the evening event was very gracious and helpful as our speakers went over their allotted time and she worked with us in extending our event closing time which relieved our stress so that we could enjoy the evening before we cleaned up. A special thank you to her!!
    The fact that we did not have to set up or tear down the table/chair arrangements, empty the trash afterward and clean the coffee urns took a lot of pressure off of us during the event so that we could more fully enjoy the occasion.
    We appreciated all that the facility offered us! Thank you so much!!”
  • “A most gracious host for our meeting, as always.”
  • “Clean and impressive facility. Just 2 issues/recommendations: (1) Several commented that the chairs in the classrooms are painful to sit in for any length of time; (2) Bathrooms are always clean, but it looks very odd to have those pink towels all over the counterspaces. Surely there’s a more elegant, less distracting solution to whatever problem that’s trying to address.”
  • “From the initial phone call, the Site Director made us feel welcome. I was greeted positively by Client Relations Assistant. The Site Director provided an excellent tour answering all of my questions and taking the time to point out interesting facts and facility amenities to enhance our event. The Client Relations Manager was courteous and professional in the interactions we had with the contract. The IT/AV Support was very quick to respond with technology and made sure that we were working before she left the room and made sure to offer to return if anything did not work. Also, the Site Director  made appearances making everyone feel welcome; the Client Relations Assistant was friendly and helpful to our team; the upgrade to University Hall was appreciated. The Client Relations Manager joined us at the end of the day as did the Site Director to support the close down and the end of day support to our team. I know that other folks in the building supported our team and I only heard positive comments from our staff. The facility itself is beautiful, modern, and equipped for any function. We really loved the space for meeting so many needs of a group of 24 people who were able to use the time to analyze community need and dream for a community serving organization. I believe that having our day long meeting in a large, aestheticically pleasing environment, equipped with technology and other amenities, made our team feel inspired to dream big for the benefit of our community. Thank you.””Excellent facilities, helpful staff, great location.”
  •  “This is our third year running the SEAP Plus high school summer camp at the UMW Dahlgren campus! It has been a great experience each and every time coming to your facility, with the friendly smiles and excitement to see the students back again for another year :)
    Keep up the great work!”
  •  “We had an excellent event that was held in the University Hall thanks to the UMW Dahlgren staff. They made this event first class by helping us to come up with the flow of traffic and best ways to set up for such a big event. Everything was well planned and executed. The staff was very helpful in getting everything ready and supplying great ideas for our concerns. I would highly recommend UMW Dahlgren Campus.”
  • “We couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Everyone was very helpful and went the extra mile to make sure we had everything we needed. The room was clean and comfortable and we loved the treats from UMW and ODU.”

JULY 2017

  •  “The quality of the center for the training I conducted was first-rate. The receptionist was cordial and exceedingly accommodating my first morning to locate the training material sent, and to get my Power Point slides online through the overhead.
    The area though only has fast food restaurants, and for someone to stay close by does not offer a diversity of culinary opportunities – you do not want Five Guys or Subway for lunch and dinner.”
  • “The UMW-Dahlgren was the perfect place for our conference. The staff was wonderful and very helpful with any questions proposed to them. The room had all the network connectivity needed with clear precise wireless instructions. The video and phone equipment operated without any problems. The facilities were reliably good and close to restaurants. Overall, it was a great experience for the participants. “
  • “Due to internal team miscommunication our meeting was not scheduled with UMW, resulting in no reservation. I came early to set up for the meeting to discover this. The Client Relations Assistant ensured we could still hold our meeting by finding a room, setting up the bridge line hardware, and got the projector and Large Screen Displays up and running with limited notice. Thank you!”
  • “The NSWC-Dahlgren hardware and software vendors mentioned how the facility exceeded expectations in terms of classroom space, parking access, cleanliness, lighting, and projection capability for their slide presentation.”