National Security Lecture Series


The University of Mary Washington Dahlgren Campus, Center for Education and Research is hosting a series of lectures this Spring 2018 on national security challenges facing the United States.

The lecture series is a joint effort of the Fredericksburg Regional Military Affairs Council, the Joint Warfare Analysis Center (JWAC) and UMW. The lectures provide Department of Defense and contractor employees overviews of international security in regions of interest and spark thought-provoking discussions.

7 February 2018    Power, People, and Politics:  What’s Happening with Elections in Africa?  *Canceled

15 March 2018     ISIS From Space: Using Remote Sensing To Assess the Economic Impact of Islamic State Governance in Iraq and Syria

19 April 2018       Value from Data

16 May 2018        The Renaissance Dam Project in Ethiopia: Will it bring sustainable energy for millions or a ‘major geopolitical crisis’?