Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Inclement Weather

In the event of potential inclement weather at the Fredericksburg, Stafford and Dahlgren campuses of UMW, please monitor the university website for announcements. Information about closings or delays also can be accessed through the Information Hotline (540) 654-2424 or by tuning into one of the regional radio and television stations.

The information above will be emailed with your confirmation letter once the event is scheduled.

Contact Information

What is the phone number for the Dahlgren Campus? The Information Desk is (540) 663-4030; the    Client Relations Manager is available at (540) 663-4034.


What is the address?  The Dahlgren campus address is 4224 University Drive, King George, Virginia 22485.

Where is the Dahlgren Campus located? Directions from Richmond, Fredericksburg, and Maryland are noted below. Directions can also be found using Google Maps and driving directions.

Hours of Operation

What are the Hours of Operation at the Dahlgren Campus? Business hours are from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday – Friday. Building hours are contingent upon the academic and event schedule. Please                  call at (540) 663-4030, if you have any questions.

UMW – Academic

What degrees UMW offer for undergraduate students? The university offers an array of degrees at the Fredericksburg Campus.

How do I apply to UMW? If you are interested in applying as a Freshman, Transfer or International student, complete The Common Application.

Other Academic Partners

Who are your academic partner?

Educational Programs and Partners
• UMW College Business
• Germanna Community College
 Defense Acquisition University
• Naval Postgraduate School
• Naval War College

CGEP Partners and Programs
• George Mason University
• Old Dominion University
• University of Virginia
• Virginia Commonwealth University
 Virginia Tech

How are classes taught/viewed at the campus? We offer both live classes and distance learning by video teleconferencing or WebEx. Students are able to see content, view and communicate with the professor using multiple screens.

How do I register for classes? Admission to and registration for academic programs and classes are managed by the college or university that you are attending.

Do you offer undergraduate classes? Old Dominion University offers an array of undergraduate classes. We are also pleased to announce that Germanna Community College, in partnership with the University of Mary Washington, is offering classes in the college’s Engineering curriculum at the Dahlgren Campus as part of a pilot program to gauge interest. To learn more about GCC’s programs, please contact the Recruitment and Outreach Coordinator at (540) 229-6645.

Lodging and Restaurants

What restaurants are near the campus? A list of restaurants within a two-mile radius of the campus. The University does not endorse any particular establishment.

Is there lodging nearby? A list of local lodging within a two-mile radius of the campus. The University does not endorse any particular establishment.

Is there a cafeteria on campus? There is not a cafeteria on campus; however, there is a refreshment/lounge area on the first floor, equipped with beverage and snack vending machines including K-cup selections and a Keurig machine and microwave. There is also a lounge on the second floor and common seating areas throughout the facility. Additionally, there is a kitchen on the first floor, equipped with two refrigerators, a microwave, an icemaker, and a coffee brewer with five Airpots. To make arrangements to use the coffee brewer, please contact the Information Desk at (540) 663-4030. Coffee and supplies are supplied by the client.

Internet Usage

Does the campus provide internet access? Yes, internet access is provided by WI-FI and a hardline connection. Please ask the Front Desk for instructions to connect by WI-FI or locations for hardline connections.

What is your policy concerning Internet Usage? Please read the Internet Usage Policy.


What are the requirements concerning catering an event? from the UMW Dahlgren Campus Rental Agreement: The Renter may spend up to $1,000.00 with the provider of its choice (including the University’s Dining Services Contractor) for prepared foods and/or catering services for event participants. The Renter shall be fully liable for any food purchases and/or catering and will be responsible for meeting any pertinent health requirements. If the Renter desires to purchase food in excess of $1,000.00, the Renter must do so through the University’s Dining Services Contractor. Any other purchases of prepared foods and/or catering services in excess of $1,000.00 will be permitted only in the event that the University Dining Contractor indicates, in writing, that it is unable to meet the Renter’s food service and/or catering requirements. In such cases, a licensed and insured catering service may be selected by the Renter. Any catering service hired by the Renter must provide the University with copies of all pertinent licenses and certificate of insurance.

Who is the University’s Dining Services Contractor and how can I contact them? The contract caterer is Sodexo, located on the UMW Fredericksburg Campus, and the Catering Manager can be reached at         (540) 654-1931 or (540) 654-1930.

What are my other catering options, should the meal cost under $1,000.00 and/or if Sodexo is unable to meet my catering requirements? A list of local caterers is provided for your convenience. The University does not expect endorse any particular establishment.


Do I need a parking permit? A parking permit is not needed. Parking is available on a first come, first served basis. Designated car pool and low-emission vehicle parking spaces are provided.


May I schedule a tour of the facility?  It would be our pleasure to schedule a tour.  Let us know when it is a convenient time for you and/or group to visit, contact the Information Desk at (540) 663-4030.

Renting Space

Can I rent space on the Dahlgren Campus? Rooms can be rented for business, professional, and educational purposes. To discuss the facilities and room costs, contact the Client Relations Manager            at (540) 663-4034. Room rental rates are based on a variety of factors.

What rooms are available for rental?

10 seat collaborative study room
10 seat executive conference room
12 seat classroom
24 seat classroom
32 seat classroom
15 seat desktop computer lab
30 seat laptop computer lab
Auditorium (various setups)

How do I reserve space for an event? Please complete and submit the Event Registration Form. We will contact you to discuss your rental needs.

How will I know my room has been reserved?  Once the reservation form is received, a confirmation letter is emailed to you confirming the date, room number, cost, and contract.

Does the contract have to be signed and returned? Yes, contracts are required to be signed and returned before your event at the campus.

Is there a cancellation fee? There is a cancellation fee. Please review your contract for timeframes and fee.

When will I receive an invoice for my rental? Invoices are generated after your event. The invoice is emailed to you with instructions for payment. Please note, all credit card payments are charged a $5.00 fee additional to the cost of the room.

Do you rent space for weddings and receptions? No, we do not rent space for weddings or receptions. Events at the campus are for professional, educational and community purposes only. The Fredericksburg Campus has an array of venues for your wedding or reception.


Is there a computer lab or library that I can use to study? We do not have a public access computer lab or a public library; however, there are stations throughout the building where you can plug-in a laptop for Internet access.  There are two individual study rooms available for quiet study on a first come first serve basis.

What should I do if I have technical problem with a UMW system?  Please go to the Front Information Desk located in the lobby on the first floor or call (540) 663-4030, and our staff will gladly assist you.

Why is the grass tall at the Dahlgren Campus?  Native grasses are a part of the sustainable landscape design; they are mowed annually in the early spring.  Native grasses reduce fossil fuel use, CO2 production, maintenance costs, pesticides, and fertilizers in the environment.  Native grasses improve desirable species habitat and water quality.