Guest Comments

MARCH 2020

  • “Having our job fair events at the UMW-Dahlgren is one of our most pleasant venues. The staff members are ALWAYS more than willing to ensure that JobZone is okay and accommodated for a successful event. Thank you so much for making our jobs easier when at your facility! Having great customer service is important to us. We will be back in August!!! Janet Giles/JobZone.”


  • “As usual, the room was set up exactly as we needed it. The Client Relation Assistant did a great job coordinating with us and making sure we had everything that we needed.”


  • “UMW provided excellent support during our event. The staff is always friendly. They even remembered a special request from a previous visit that we didn’t think to list when requesting the room this time. That is truly knowing your customer needs.”
  • “Staff are always friendly and helpful.”


  • “Outstanding facility!”


  • “The front desk staff is extremely helpful and very pleasant.”
  • “The team is Excellent. I have both coordinated and attended events at the UMW and every time, the experience has been top notch!”
  • “There was a problem with the HVAC the day of our event.”
  •  “Once again, I was thrilled to be working with UMW Dahlgren to host training for my organization. The facilities are wonderful and the staff is a pleasure to work with. Thank you for everything!”
  • “The NSWCDD Health Benefits Fair is held at UMW each year. We appreciate that we can use this facility to host the fair, and all the support from everyone that help set up the room and store the materials that are mailed in early. The staff at UMW is a pleasure to work with.”
  • “Everything went as planned, the facilities were great and your team supplied all of the support that we needed to accomplish our tasks for the class.”
  • “Thank you for working with RBAHC in our early stages of development. Your service and accommodations are excellent.”
  • “From beginning to end, our experience was exceptional. 5 star supporting cast were Client and IT/AV Support. Both Directors were very accommodating. Thank you for a great experience.”
  • “The room was too small for the group of 25 attendees. There were several complaints.”
  • “The Client Relations Manager and the Client Relations Assistant provided outstanding service. From the booking, to the walk through to the actual event, they are a joy to work with on planning and executing events.”


  • “Joseph and I (Janet Giles) always look forward to our Dahlgren, VA Job Fair held at UMW-Dahlgren Campus. The staff members continue to welcome us and ensure that everything is in place for the event and readily available to assist, if needed. Thank you so much for making us feel welcome! We will continue to look forward to having 2 job fairs per year at this facility.  Janet Giles/JobZone/434-263-5102”
  • “Very Responsive IT staff”
  • “Walkthrough of equipment prior to meeting very beneficial. Room was fully ready in advance of the meeting with all expected equipment. I appreciate the support.”
  • “It was very easy to schedule a meeting room, and the personnel were extremely helpful and friendly.”
  • “Once again, our experience was Spot-On for what we needed. UMW has always provided us with an excellent facility for holding our meetings that require many moving parts and they are always very courteous and professional about the way they conduct their business and ensure we are well taken care of. Thanks again for another fine meeting you helped us pull off!”


  • “I taught a 2 day course on 19-20 August, and I could not have been more pleased with the facility — and especially with the support service. The audio-visual set-up was excellent, and the building provided a great educational environment. In particular, I want to commend the entire support staff. They were very concerned, helpful and dedicated. I had problems in hooking up my computer to the A/V system and in running the videos that were part of the course. The staff was very responsive and friendly; they came immediately, fixed my problems, and showed me how to properly adjust the controls. This is a first-class operation. As an aside, it was clear from the student evaluations that that they thought highly of the course. Thank you!!”
  • “It is always a pleasant to host a class at UMW Dahlgren. The staff is incredibly friendly and accommodating and work very hard to ensure a successful event. The facilities are wonderful and it’s always so clean. Thank you!”
  • “The staff both Front Desk, Administrative and IT Support Staff were all outstanding from their customer services to their willingness to assist.  We deliver courses across the United States and this team was by far the Best to Work With!”
  • “Clean room and friendly staff. The ventilation was a little noisy in room 260. I would recommend a large map of the campus in each room indicating exit path in case of emergency and the muster area.”

JULY 2019

  • “MW is a fantastic resource for Dahlgren to host events that would be virtually impossible to do so without them.”
  • “Wonderful facilities and exceptionally helpful staff!”
  • “The staff at UMW always greets us with a smile and a warm welcome offering assistance whenever we may need it.”

JUNE 2019

  • “The staff was excellent and very friendly and helpful in getting our needs met with a room on very short notice. The room was exactly what we needed and it was very helpful in getting our goals accomplished. We appreciate the fine service provided!”
  • “Great place to hold onsite training. The staff was friendly and helpful in getting everything set up for the course.”
  • “Room was way too cold.”
  • “Thank you for providing the ideal setting for our function. The staff were wonderful, helping us to prepare for the program we held and ensuring that no detail was left unaddressed and all of our IT needs were met. Your staff always goes the extra mile! Looking forward to our continued use of your facility. Thanks again!”

MAY 2019

  • “The Client Relations Manager was wonderful to work with, and the staff was very helpful and courteous, efficient and professional.”
  • “Always first class service!”
  • “Thank you for everything!! We appreciate all of your help as we navigated the use of your facility. To say you went the extra mile to help our event go off without a hitch is an understatement. Thanks again to the entire staff!!”

APRIL 2019

  • “Everything was perfect! Very clean facilities everyone was very professional. We will definitely continue to schedule our meetings at the campus.”
  • “The instructor we brought in to teach our class was thrilled with the facilities. It made his job significantly easier and saved a lot of money not having to ship in equipment for the class. The staff is extraordinarily helpful and accommodating. This facility is such an incredible asset!”
  • “Everything was as arranged.  The staff were very helpful.”
  • “We hold two events per year, generally March and September at the University Hall-Dahlgren. The JobZone team is very impressed with the staff members and look forward to continuing our events at your facility”
  • “The classroom worked great for the project review meeting I held there. The technology worked perfectly. It was pretty easy to schedule the meeting. I will definitely use the UMW Dahlgren Campus for future meetings.”
  • “The instructions for connecting a computer to the in-class electronic screen could use slight improvement and also a sentence on ensuring the personal computer is set-up to mirror screen in the graphics settings.”

MARCH 2019

  • “Great facility. and awesome support.”
  • “Staff was friendly, courteous and facilities were marvelous!”
  • “The Client Relations Assistant was very pleasant to work with and she provided great support.”
  • “Courteous staff members were extremely helpful! We requested additional electrical power strips the morning of the meeting, and they were very accommodating!”
  • “Great last minute help getting a easel and paper after the moderator changed the format of our meeting. Wonderful facility…a great place to meet and get work done.”
  • “The accommodations were great and the staff was very helpful.”
  • “Staff at UMW were pleasant and helpful. The facility is beautifully maintained and had all the equipment needed to run our meeting. Would definitely recommend to co-workers.”


  • “Facilities are always clean and staff very friendly and helpful.”
  • “Everything was comfortable and the service was professional as usual. The only recommendation I have would be to post some clear instructions for turning on the monitors. I did not know the buttons were on the back and it would have saved me some time if I had. Thanks!”


  • “The facilities were very clean and organized. The equipment was easy to bring up and use. The staff were extremely friendly and helpful. We had no issues with anything and had a great event. THANK YOU!”


  • “Had a few issues with Wifi since we have to VPN connect it never worked on Government computers.”
  • “The UMW staff was great! No issues whatsoever!”


  • “It is such a great venue with a very accommodating staff!”
  • “The client relations assistant was extremely helpful in providing feedback for me when there was a possibility that we would have to augment the course time per day for the Technical Laser Safety Officer’s Course. Fortunately, we did not have to alter the course time frame allocation but a plan was in place due to key involvement and versatility from multiple stakeholders. She was a key member of that group.”
  • “The client relations assistant and IT/AV/VTC system specialist/building coordinator provided excellent support as always. It’s always a pleasure conducting meetings at UMW due to the ease and professionalism. THANK YOU!”
  • “The client relations assistant at the front desk is a wonderful person, always helpful”
  • “We are always very impressed with the ease of reserving the facility, the fantastic support that we receive from the staff, and the marvelous space itself. Thank you for making our event a success!”
  • “The room was very cold. A number of folks were uncomfortable with the temperature.”
  • “Straighforward process, provided with exactly what was needed.”
  • “Everything was perfect, exactly as we wanted it. The staff was friendly, and assisted with our every need in a timely fashion. It is obvious that customer service is number one at the UMW Dahlgren campus and we could not be more appreciative for the support and wonderful space you provided.”
  • “One service that might be formallzed is how to print handouts for a class. We were able to use the WiFi and room AV equipment and our class went smoothly. Catering was smooth and worked out well. Thank you so much!”
  • “Wonderful and well-kept facilities! Everyone in the group enjoyed the conference and was amazed at being able to so easily get access to such wonderful facilities.”


  • “NSWCDD held its annual Health Benefits Fair (always held before the Federal Open Season) and we are always so impressed with how well the UMW facility works for this event. Our event on 24 Oct was no different. It went SO very smoothly and we always feel welcomed to the max. It easily accomodated the 450 employees and the nearly 15 vendors who attended. We feel that UMW size and location is perfect for our events. We are also so grateful that we are allowed to tell vendors to mail their materials directly to the college. There must have been 40-50 boxes mailed there and it would have been very difficult to house and haul all that to University Hall the morning of the event. The room was set up just as we requested and the graciousness of the client relations assistant and others is the icing on a perfectly baked Navy cake!!!! Thank you all so much for being there and for your expert handling of all the details. To have to vet all those vendors (many of them had 2 to represent their company) would have been a nightmare in order to get them on the Base.
    Thank you, again, UMW, and may you continue to be a blessing to all who enter your doors. “
  • “Joe Weeks and client relations assistant were excellent support for setting up and dry running the event. The technical staff lent me an adapter so that I could use the monitors for a laptop that did not have HDMI or VGA. I would recommend putting newer connections into the consoles. The computer connections console was easy to use.”
  • “Nice venue. Clean, bright, well managed. Staff was friendly and helpful. AV worked well.”
  • ‘The facility was clean and very accommodating. The room space served us well. As we exited the building, one of our staff members tripped on a vertical metal plate that appears to enclose the mulch beds in front of the building alongside the sidewalks. It was approximately 1/2″ above the sidewalk surface. She fell face down on to the sidewalk and into the roadway/driveway. The plates are not readily noticeable and may present future trip hazards for others.”
  • “As always, the staff was very friendly and very helpful. We had back to back events (two days) and they were so helpful re-configuring the room for Day 2. They were there with everything we needed and helped our events run smoothly Thanks.”
  • “We were highly impressed with the facility structure, technology within the classroom and the prompt effective support from your staff. They were eager to fulfil any requests for support we required.”


  • “The wifi was pretty unreliable.”
  • ” The support employees are always friendly, helpful, and competent. The facilities are always cleaned and well-maintained.  The location cannot be beaten.”


  • “Thank you so much for all of your help with our LDE event and being so accommodating.  Our event could not have been such a success without all of your team’s help from set up to assisting with last minute needs.  Your facilities are always so nice and well kept up too.  It was a pleasure working with you all with this event.  Hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend!”
  • “Have held several Tech Days at your facility, and will continue to use for any meetings / conferences for customers.
    The facility and location is great and the Staff is AWESOME !!!
    Thanks, Rich”
  • “The first room had issues that prevented connecting our laptop to the monitor there. Since it wasn’t a simple connection directly to a monitor (but rather through another computer) we spent a good 30 minutes troubleshooting and lost a good 20 minutes of our meeting time.
    The second room we went to went better. The picture came up right away but then flickered periodically which was distracting and caused us to have pause at times until the screen reappeared. Ur first room was 229, The second was on the second floor towards the opposite end of the building (might be 261 but I’m not sure) it was also a 10 seat meeting room. The staff did their best to help but having reliable equipment is important for us to feel like this is a good option for a meeting area.”

JUNE 2018

  • “Thank you for providing such a great meeting space. It’s nice to have a meeting space away from the base where everyone can meet.”
  • “Everything was ready to go an hour before the meeting was scheduled. I had no issues.”
  • “Everything went smooth. The staff was very helpful and friendly.”
  • “Everyone was very friendly and helpful. Room temperature was comfortable and A/V equipment was
    We ran into some issues getting software fully installed, but your staff was very responsive and did everything they could to get the situation rectified as quickly as possible. In cases where more complicated software installs are needed, it might be helpful if there were a way for someone to remote into a machine beforehand to make sure everything is setup and working.
    It may also be worth noting that “free coffee” was a suggestion I heard from more than one or our class attendees.”
  • “The client relations assistant customer service skills are exemplary and genuine. She truly cares about the customer’s needs and ensures satisfaction. Everyone at UMW is friendly and helpful. Even if they are busy with another customer’s reservation handling, they will point you in the right direction or answer questions. UMW’s facilities are always clean and fresh. I have never had a bad experience with UMW’s services.”
  • “The experience was entirely enjoyable. We had some initial video projection issues, but they were quickly resolved.”
  • “Very accommodating and the communication was great. Would absolutely hold another event here.”

MAY 2018

  • “Your staff is always so helpful and courteous. I really enjoy working with UMW Dahlgren Center for Education and Research.”
  • “Only suggestion for improvement is that the facility should remain open for some period of time after the scheduled course end time. Our course ended at 5 PM, and we were basically told we had to leave right away because the facility was closing. In my opinion, if the class is scheduled to end at 5 PM, then the facility should remain open for at least an additional 30 minutes beyond the class end time. For almost all classes I have attended since college, folks usually want to hang out after class and ask questions from the instructor. If UMW doesn’t want to stay open past 5 PM, then they shouldn’t allow classes to be scheduled to end after 4:30 PM.”
  • “I appreciate the prompt response that we received on a very short notice. Everything is always what we expect and it is greatly appreciated.”
  • “Your staff is always friendly and willing to help with anything. Your building is well equipped and always very clean. I enjoying hosting meetings at UMW Dahlgren Campus and will continue to do so.”

APRIL 2018

  • “I hosted a regional conference with the Virginia Department of Education and King George County Schools. Client Relations Manager was great to work with and full of information leading up to the conference. On the day of the conference, the room was set up perfectly to suit our needs. Client Relations Assistant was also very helpful during the conference with last minute needs, such as powerstrips, AV assistance, and so forth. We will definitely look to use UMW again, as well as refer others to the facility.”
  • “Always a pleasure to be at the UMW-Dahlgren Campus. The setup and friendly staff members make our job fair event very rewarding. Thank you very much!”
  • “As always, the UMW facility was immaculate, our reserved room was set and ready for our meeting, and the representatives were friendly and helpful.”

MARCH 2018

  • “The staff at UMW Dahlgren Campus were professional and helpful, and the facility itself was perfect for my event. Highly recommended.”
  • “Excellent support, including in-room connections assistance and directions for guests.”
  • “The room was ready, everything worked…a nice easy experience that allowed us to focus on what we needed to get done as opposed to being concerned with the facility.”
  • “We held a three-day technical workshop at UMW-D. Everything went wonderfully.”


  • “As always everything was terrific. The staff at UMW are so helpful and pleasant to work with! Our meetings are always a success at UMW.”


  • “I held an offsite with my team and we used one of the classrooms as a working session. The space was great and it was a good opportunity to get away from the distractions of the office. We did reconfigure the room a bit to accommodate our working groups and that was very easy. The space was clean and equipment was in excellent condition.”
  • “I would like to commend the staff at UMW Dahlgren because it was obvious that they take pride in the institution and Dahlgren campus as soon as I pulled in the parking space and also when I went inside. The classroom we (NSWC Dahlgren Code E31) used to conduct our training was clean and ready and the classroom media was easy to use and worked like a charm. I look forward to coming to UMW Dahlgren because I always know I’ll have what I need to get my job done, and I’m able to do it in a wonderful facility with wonderful people.”


  • The entire experience of reserving a room was very professional, and efficient. It was a great process. I will repeat.”
  • “The team at UMW is very helpful; we enjoy coming here for meetings. The location is great, clean and so easy to use!”
  • “As usual, the staff was very courteous and willing to assist where needed! Campus was also very clean and the accommodations served us perfectly. A big thanks!!!”


  • “Knowledgeable staff ready to help, excellent modern faci“UMW’s facilities are state of the art. They are clean, well organized and equipment is always in good working order. The staff always goes a step beyond to make sure my event needs are met.”
  • “UMW’s facilities are state of the art. They are clean, well organized and equipment is always in good working order. The staff always goes a step beyond to make sure my event needs are met.”
  • “The IT people were both extremely helpful with set up, moving our materials into University Hall, and were both responsive over the course of our event.”


  • “This is a great facility and the staff always work hard to make sure we have everything we need for a successful meeting or event.”
  • “The facility was beautiful and easy access.”
  • “The Client Relations Assistant was extremely helpful in making sure our room was set up and ready for our event.”
  • “As the coordinator of the workshop that UMW hosted, it was great to have everything set up and ready for us including loading the software on the provided laptops. It was a great experience and I will look to UMW for future events like this.”


  • “The staff and specifically the Client Relations Manager were very professional, thorough and prompt in all of our interactions. University Hall was beautiful and equipped with all of the sound, stage and kitchen facilities that we required. Many attendees said it was the best Eagle Court of Honor they had attended and we felt it was in large part due to the formal setting that University Hall offers. The rolling carts for loading and unloading were hugely helpful. Use of the kitchen/refrigerator and coffee urns was also very helpful.
    Also, the lady who stayed during the evening event was very gracious and helpful as our speakers went over their allotted time and she worked with us in extending our event closing time which relieved our stress so that we could enjoy the evening before we cleaned up. A special thank you to her!!
    The fact that we did not have to set up or tear down the table/chair arrangements, empty the trash afterward and clean the coffee urns took a lot of pressure off of us during the event so that we could more fully enjoy the occasion.
    We appreciated all that the facility offered us! Thank you so much!!”
  • “A most gracious host for our meeting, as always.”
  • “Clean and impressive facility. Just 2 issues/recommendations: (1) Several commented that the chairs in the classrooms are painful to sit in for any length of time; (2) Bathrooms are always clean, but it looks very odd to have those pink towels all over the counterspaces. Surely there’s a more elegant, less distracting solution to whatever problem that’s trying to address.”
  • “From the initial phone call, the Site Director made us feel welcome. I was greeted positively by Client Relations Assistant. The Site Director provided an excellent tour answering all of my questions and taking the time to point out interesting facts and facility amenities to enhance our event. The Client Relations Manager was courteous and professional in the interactions we had with the contract. The IT/AV Support was very quick to respond with technology and made sure that we were working before she left the room and made sure to offer to return if anything did not work. Also, the Site Director  made appearances making everyone feel welcome; the Client Relations Assistant was friendly and helpful to our team; the upgrade to University Hall was appreciated. The Client Relations Manager joined us at the end of the day as did the Site Director to support the close down and the end of day support to our team. I know that other folks in the building supported our team and I only heard positive comments from our staff. The facility itself is beautiful, modern, and equipped for any function. We really loved the space for meeting so many needs of a group of 24 people who were able to use the time to analyze community need and dream for a community serving organization. I believe that having our day long meeting in a large, aestheticically pleasing environment, equipped with technology and other amenities, made our team feel inspired to dream big for the benefit of our community. Thank you.””Excellent facilities, helpful staff, great location.”
  •  “This is our third year running the SEAP Plus high school summer camp at the UMW Dahlgren campus! It has been a great experience each and every time coming to your facility, with the friendly smiles and excitement to see the students back again for another year 🙂
    Keep up the great work!”
  •  “We had an excellent event that was held in the University Hall thanks to the UMW Dahlgren staff. They made this event first class by helping us to come up with the flow of traffic and best ways to set up for such a big event. Everything was well planned and executed. The staff was very helpful in getting everything ready and supplying great ideas for our concerns. I would highly recommend UMW Dahlgren Campus.”
  • “We couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Everyone was very helpful and went the extra mile to make sure we had everything we needed. The room was clean and comfortable and we loved the treats from UMW and ODU.”

JULY 2017

  •  “The quality of the center for the training I conducted was first-rate. The receptionist was cordial and exceedingly accommodating my first morning to locate the training material sent, and to get my Power Point slides online through the overhead.
    The area though only has fast food restaurants, and for someone to stay close by does not offer a diversity of culinary opportunities – you do not want Five Guys or Subway for lunch and dinner.”
  • “The UMW-Dahlgren was the perfect place for our conference. The staff was wonderful and very helpful with any questions proposed to them. The room had all the network connectivity needed with clear precise wireless instructions. The video and phone equipment operated without any problems. The facilities were reliably good and close to restaurants. Overall, it was a great experience for the participants. “
  • “Due to internal team miscommunication our meeting was not scheduled with UMW, resulting in no reservation. I came early to set up for the meeting to discover this. The Client Relations Assistant ensured we could still hold our meeting by finding a room, setting up the bridge line hardware, and got the projector and Large Screen Displays up and running with limited notice. Thank you!”
  • “The NSWC-Dahlgren hardware and software vendors mentioned how the facility exceeded expectations in terms of classroom space, parking access, cleanliness, lighting, and projection capability for their slide presentation.”